Stepping into the Cold and Gray

Winter is cold and gray at times. But this year I have taken the opportunity to twist this mind set into something a bit more inspiring and appreciative. I agree the cold and gray days offer despair and discomfort. A seasonal depression can spread over any hopeful mind and blanket it like a plague. But there is another side, a side that is magical and beautiful! Walking into the power lines just to get out while the sun is shining and take in some fresh and crisp air while getting my legs in motion is already a bonus. I bring my two dogs, one a yellow lab the other a mini long haired daschaund and watch their excitement exploded into desperate pleasure of new smells and sights! They inspire me to do the same. I have my camera but there really isn’t much to photograph, until I take a step closer into the scene! I begin to watch the afternoon light stretch across the white snow and it creates a dazzling sparkle, just shimmering endlessly. The tall feathery stalks of wild grass dance in the cold air reflecting flashes of light off their plumes. Now I begin to grow with anticipation of more, more action, vision and life. There is life in the winter doldrums, could there be a better oxymoron? The blood in my body is heating up even beginning to simmer as I walk. The path twists and rises upon the horizon. The summer cattails are transforming into brownish fluff on a tall stalk, flopping in sync to the patterns of the wind’s rhythm. Even they know how to dress for the season, faux fur. I stop and come to the end of the path and stand in complete contentment, the sun is warm on my cheeks and it’s light radiates great encouragement to my soul. This was a great winter day to take a walk! The challenge to find textures, colors and subjects to photograph become an unravelled mystery and delight. The green moss peeks through the melting snow and life has proven to be victorious amid the cruel conditions of cold. Winter is poetic in its own rite. You just have to step in a little closer!


Autumn’s Dance

The final frontier is about to reveal its grand finale! Fall is just in its first act. Are you ready? Some people find the autumn depressing because of the proceeding events of you know what. I choose to take a fresh and positive prospective on the matter. Autumn is spectacular in all it’s grand orange hues exploding every where! All the nerves in my eyes are stimulated and excited with anticipation for the autumn’s center stage performance. I’ve been walking in the power lines behind my property in Rehoboth. The great and wild outdoors never ceases to amaze me! Yellow golden rod, purple asters and red berries are popping out from all directions beckoning me to keep going down the path. The birds are chirping creating a melody that causes even the leaves to dance. Yes, it is sad to see our humming birds leave however they have worked hard all summer long entertaining at our kitchen windows and garden feeders. They deserve an extended vacation down south, don’t they? I’ve noticed blue birds are still hanging around and red cardinals preparing for the chill of winter. There is a lot going on! We should take a moment to stop and observe the dance leaping across the stage and gracefully twirling in circles around us. The cool wind of change have arrived to soothe us from the suffocating heat of the summer. (It still haunts me). Aah…it rushes past my cheeks and through my hair, lifting it off my neck and giving me relief. Just wonderful and beautiful, everything around us and I for one appreciate every moment of what the autumn has to offer. It’s not right to presume autumn brings the end, its only the beginning of a new season in its stellar performance.

Autumn is in the Air

Can you smell it? Autumn is in the Air! It is cooler and refreshing as you breathe it in deep. I think of memories I’ve had as a little girl, like the first day of school. It was much cooler in the mornings and you had to wear the new clothes that were bought especially for the first day back. They were comfortable in the cool morning but by twelve noon you were ready to pass out from a heat stroke. Back to shorts the next day with a short sleeve shirt. Oh well. And how about the smell of the burning wood in the cool air, so very soothing to my soul! Wood stoves starting up early in the morning to break the chill in the house. People burning outdoors, wood, leaves and twigs that littered the yard. It is the harbinger of the holidays to come like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas! What a wonderful world we live in, there are so many experiences yet to come and become grand memories. Paths to tread and trails to follow leading you somewhere but not necessarily a place you know. Enjoy the season as it changes its colors, fragrances and sounds. It will bring a joyful tune to your heart and soul!